Decalcifying liquid for coffee machines

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Cleaning Tablets for Water Containers, Capsule Bins & Drip Trays

Decalcifying liquid for home use
coffee machines

The next step to a great tasting cup of coffee is ensuring a scale free machine.

Why Use this Product ?

One of the most important things to prolong the life of your coffee machine and keep it functioning propeily is to descale it. Scale is the build-up of minerals in the heating elements of your machine. The amount of scale 1n your machine will depend on the amount of limescale found in the water 1n your region, how often you use your machine and what type of coffee you make (ie. if you make more espressos than regular coffees you will have less limescale as you are not running as much water through the machine). 

Over time the mineral build up can reduce the effectiveness of the machine, cause blockages and slow down the water flow. 

Legal disclaimer: The product and the above recommendation is believed to be correct but is not all inclusive, therefore use it as a guide. Read your machine manufacturer’s instructions before using. The company shall not be held liable for any damage resulting from handling or from contact with the above product.

How often should this Product be used?

Use once every 3-6 months. 

This can also depend on the hardness of the water in the area in which you live. The more coffees you make the more frequently you need to descale. Adjust accordingly . 

Look at your home kettle as a good indicator of how quickly scale can build up.

How to Use?

1. Ensure that the machine has no capsule inside and that the water container is empty. 

2. Pour the full bottle of CAFFePURE decalcifying liquid (100ml) into the water container and add the same volume (100ml) of tap water in the container. 

3. Place a large plastic container or glass under the machine spout which is large enough to contain all the liquid in the water container. 

4. Run a cycle with the machine until the water and liquid solution is all used up. Note: You can safely stop the cycle and resume it if the 9lass is not large enough to contain all the liquid solution in the water container. 

5. If the machine cycle does not start due to not enough water in the container, you may add another 100ml of tap water in the container. 

6. If your machine has not been decalcified in a long time you can run the cycle, pause it when the water level is reduced to half the amount and let it sit in the machine for 10 minutes. This ensures a more powerful decalcification. After 10 minutes has elapsed, complete the cycle. 

7. Rinse the water container well to ensure that all residues of the solution have been removed. 

8. Fill the water container with pure tap water and run a cycle until the water is empty. This ensures the inside of the machine has been completely rinsed out and is free of all residues.


If your machine manufacturer has provided special instructions for decalcifying the machine, please read those first. 

If the product comes in contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. 

If you experience further symptoms please seek medical advice immediately. Keep out of reach of children.

Cleaning Tablets for Water Containers, Capsule Bins & Drip Trays